Oklahoma City Staffing Agencies


When you own a small business, hiring employees can be a major chore. There are plenty of other things that need your attention - which is why more and more SMB owners are turning to staffing agencies to fill holes in their workforces.

Hiring through staffing agencies can be a major boon to small businesses. You get the benefit of experienced employees without needing to go through a lengthy - and sometimes expensive - interview and onboarding process. 

Should you use a staffing agency for your business? There are many advantages to making use of their services - but there can also be drawbacks if you aren't careful. Make sure you know what you're doing to get the most out of working with an Oklahoma City staffing agency.

Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency for Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of using a staffing agency is they are often more experienced in hiring and assessing candidates than most business owners. Indeed, often staffing agents are better at evaluating whether a candidate is a good "fit" in a business or industry than an owner would be themselves. After all, agents have years of experience in placing and evaluating candidates for positions - it's literally their job.

Another benefit of working with a staffing agency is that they assume some of the costs of hiring and training employees. This can include the costs of performing background checks and drug screenings, the costs of performing initial skills training for entry-level workers, and the lost time of performing interviews and sorting through resumes. While you do pay some of this back in terms of fees, it's still usually cheaper to work with a staffing agency than to try to hire employees on your own.

When you work with a staffing agency, you also get access to a broader pool of candidates than you would on your own. Staffing agencies have connections to job seekers in your area and around the country, and they also have premium memberships to job listing and posting sites to make your position visible. They also have access to candidates who may not be actively looking for a job, but simply want to be called in case of a good opportunity.

Staffing agencies also help you fill open positions faster, since their entire workload is concentrated on finding candidates for your position. When you hire on your own, you have to balance hiring with all the other duties inherent to running your business. This can cause the hiring process to drag on longer than necessary while you sort resumes and schedule interviews around your regular schedule.

If you work in a specialized industry or you need someone with a particular set of skills, you can also take advantage of industry-specific staffing agencies to find candidates qualified for the work you need. This makes it easy to fill open positions regardless of what industry you're in or what kind of worker you require.

Finally, staffing agencies allow you to test employees before you hire them full-time. Most staffing agencies work with candidates and companies in a temp-to-hire capacity, which means you can simply choose not to hire on an employee if you don't feel satisfied or don't think they're a good fit. If you do choose this option, you can have another employee sent your way soon afterward, and you can always discuss the strengths and weaknesses of candidates with the agency in order to get better people in your door.

No matter what kind of business you operate or what kind of employees you're looking for, a staffing agency in Oklahoma City can help you find people suited for the work.